Self-Confidence and Attracting Women – The Real Method to Get Women Interested

Having self-confidence around women and establishing strategies to attract girls with a self-confident attitude is essential for dating. Attracting women is all about acquiring that self-assured mind-set. By projecting a confident and bold image an ordinary man can get gorgeous and attractive ladies interested in him. Read on to find out some of the great ways.

Who the heck am I and why should you listen to what I have to say about confidence

I’m Chase, a dating trainer living in Cali. I have studied many unique styles of, “pickup” from Mystery Method, direct, indirect, NLP as well as some hypno-techniques. I have spent a lot of time and energy gaining this knowledge. I have found one thing to be true in almost all of the different styles and trainings they all need confidence to really be successful. They may not always say so strait up but a typical and ordinary dude needs this confidence to approach women regardless of method. I generally believe in meaning and method over flashy maneuvers. Not to disparage, “tricks” they should be employed to put “polish” on a “game” but people need the basics first; and the most basic and necessary of all of the things a guy needs to know with women is confidence.

How can you create a winning and confident mind-set?

The very first step in developing confidence is to create a positive frame of mind in regards to failure. It is a fact that people sometimes fail when they approach females. Think about baseball. If a guy gets a hit 4 out of 10 times at bat consistently, he is a “Rock-star”, bound for fame and fortune. For women it is similar. If you get 4-10 women interested you are doing quite well. Like anything you need to work at it and will get better over time. You need to get a thick skin where it comes to approaching women and not let it influence your self-assurance.

Why do women like confident men?

It mainly has to do with the perception of status. Women want to view their man or prospective man as important. They want someone who is worthy of their respect and admiration. It is not that you are not worthy of this if you lack confidence, just that she will not realize it. It is really a primal thing, coming from deep within a woman’s emotional brain. All women desire an “alpha male” or a leader, even if they are quite successful themselves. The easiest way for a man to display this is through confidence. This emotion is not something that most women can control either. It is an emotional reaction. Her logical brain may very well be interested nice and sweet guys but her emotional side will always be irresistibly drawn to a confident charmer.

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